Search and Find HomePath Foreclosure Listings

Investors and home buyers interested in buying Fannie Mae foreclosures should familiarize themselves with the agency’s procedures and formalities before getting started. The complete details and information related to purchasing a foreclosed home along with the entire inventory of repossessed homes available for sale can be accessed through HomePath foreclosure listings site.

The individual listings contain all the necessary details pertaining to the respective property. Information related to the size, shape, no. of bedrooms and bathrooms and basement etc can be found along with the contact info for the real estate agent acting as a sales agent on behalf of Fannie Mae. Any outstanding deficiencies and hazards may also be displayed. However, the property buyer must have a separate home inspection completed to reassess the condition of the property.

Fannie Mae doesn not make any guarantees or assurances regarding the condition of its foreclosures. They are sold in “as is” condition and it is the responsibility of the buyer to throughly get it inspected prior to entering into an agreement. As there is no provision for recourse or compensation upon the sale, it is highly prudent for the buyer to know exactly what they are buying in order avoid disappointment at a later time.

Searching for Foreclosure Listings

At any given time, you wll be able to find thousands of foreclosure listings on HomePath site. The convenient tools on offer allows for easy filtering and sorting. Properties that fit your specific criteria and preferences can be displayed in the order of your choice. Locating an ideal property is not difficult if the buyer has determined the type of property they are looking for. Due to the recent credit and financial crisis, the number of foreclosure properties available for sale have reached unprecedented numbers. Hundreds of listings can be found in almost every zipcode, county and city in the country. You can almost find property of every size, shape and condition by paying close attention to the exisitng and upcoming foreclosed reo properties on Fannie Mae site.

Setting up an Appointment

If you find a property that you would like to visit for a physical inspection, you can set up an appointment right from the listing page on Fannie Mae site. The thorough instructions make it a breeze to set up visits to all the properties that meet your expectations. Any specific questions concerning the foreclosed property can be addressed by the real estate agent. The contact details of the agent for a particular property are listed right beside other info on the individual listing page. Any offers, negotiations, documentation, contracts and counter offers are exclusively handled by the Fannie Mae approved agent handling the property’s sale. To facilitate a smooth transaction, a buyer should also engage the services of a professional buyer’s agent with expertise in the local foreclosure market.